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More Videos!

I have more goodies for you! :)

In addition to the clip posted recently of T singing "Amazing Grace" with the girls from the UPN pilot, there is a reel of clips from the show (mostly funny clips) now posted online as well! I so wish this show got picked up!!

I also finally figured out how to work my video maker, and have posted my little impromtu "interview" with the girls from way back in 2002 when I was 14, the first time I met them in Albany, NY. It's about 9 mins long and really funny (especially when they talk about their high school days). :) You can also hear them sing "For All Time" acapella in the clip. The beginning is a little "commerical" they made for the CD firm Transworld -- I was waiting for them in their dressing room backstage and got to overhear it. ;) I will be trying to post more of my Soluna goodies as the days go on so keep your eyes peeled!

You can favorite the video directly by going to:


So please leave me comments and rate it high so more people can see it and we can spread the Soluna love together! :)

New America Pic!

There is a new...ish pic of America posted on IMDB that you can find here. She looks beautiful as always!


Who Am I After You?

T News...
T has changed her MySpace layout which seems to be a precursor to her much more official space for the upcoming album -- which must mean the wheels are in motion for release! YAYYY! You can catch T live at the following events:

June 13, 2008 - El Destino Cabaret Bistro
Indio, California

June 14, 2008 - Latino Future Magazine
Scottsdale, Arizona

June 19, 2008 - House of Blues
Las Vegas, Nevada

More info is at her MySpace.

T also posted this clip from the girls UPN pilot of them singing "Amazing Grace" acapella. :) It also shows Mario Lopez (who plays Jessica's brother).

Soluna Video Update

Here's what YouTube has to offer:

"For All Time" Promo EPK Video

PSA for the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank

There are a lot more that are not able to be embedded. Go to YouTube.com and search "Soluna". There are several fan made videos set to their songs as well. :D


MORE America Movie Stuffs

Iron Man
America has been cut from the movie version, however, we can hope she will be included in a Deleted Scenes montage on the DVD. ;)

Bitch Slap
America has posted a few pictures from the set and promo for the movie on her MySpace (myspace.com/americaolivo).

Friday, the 13th!!
She announced this on her MySpace and confirmed it on her official website -- www.americaolivo.com -- She will be in the new upcoming Friday, the 13th remake, coming to theatres. It's currently filming in Austin, Texas, and is projected to be relesed on February 13, (Friday, the 13th) 2009. :D She is set to play "Amanda".



T has announced the following on her MySpace (myspace.com/tlopezmusic)

June 14, 2008 - Latino Future Launch Party
Phoenix, Arizona

June 19, 2008 - House of Blues
Las Vegas, Nevada
Acoustic Set @ 8PM


By request, here are the lyrics to the various clips that I have complied. If you see mistakes or want to add something, please leave it in a comment. You will be credited both here and at SO for your good work. Many of them are just of the clips, since full versions haven't yet been released. Also, several of Jessica's tracks are no longer offered on her Myspace so, feel free to correct my memory's errors. They will be posted here until I can add them to the actual lyric section of SO so enjoy. ;)

NOTE: I don't have lyrics for Jessica's "Damelo Papi" so if you could fill in, it's appreciated (and you will be credited).

AMERICA - Summer (full)
Read more...Collapse )
Porcelain Eyes (full)
Read more...Collapse )
Deja Vu (full)
Read more...Collapse )
Water From the Moon
Read more...Collapse )
TEE - After You (full)
Read more...Collapse )
Take Me Away (clip)
Read more...Collapse )
JESSICA - In And Outta Love (full)
Read more...Collapse )
Lips (clip)
Read more...Collapse )
Shake (clip)
Read more...Collapse )
Tell Her (clip)
Read more...Collapse )
Watch Me Now (full)
Read more...Collapse )
It's Aiight (full)
Read more...Collapse )
(Como Un) Huracan (full)
Read more...Collapse )
Movin' On (full)
Read more...Collapse )
Find A Way (clip)
Read more...Collapse )
Catch Me (clip)
Read more...Collapse )
Fallin' In Love (clip)
Read more...Collapse )

America Movie Stuffs

"Love Shack"
Read more...Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )

"The Last Resort"
Read more...Collapse )

And...NEW! "Bitch Slap"
Starring Lucy Lawless & Kevin Sorbo

Read more...Collapse )

Also, America has a cameo role as "Dubai Beauty" in the upcoming Paramount Picture film "IRON MAN". :)

T Fans Rejoice!

What's good, Solunatics?

I'll tell you what --

Here you can find a video of T performing her first solo single, "After You", in a cool acoustic-y set live on "The Drop" on SiTV with her sister, Freeze. BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to hear this song everywhere!

T is also set to perform live on "The Drop" TOMORROW, April 14th, so if you get SiTV, be sure to tune in!

T Lopez News

Upcoming Album News
In addition to adding new pictures to her myspace (myspace.com/tlopezmusic), she added a quirky "Top 8" survey blog on February 12, 2008, which drops a few hints about her upcoming album release concerning Lil Wayne...

"Have you ever danced with 2 [Lil Wayne]?
-We will in the video=)"

"When's the last time you talked to 2 [Lil Wayne] in person?
-Few days ago"

"Would you date number 2 [Lil Wayne]?
-Haha, we already have in song lyrics"